Alexis Korinna
Alexis Korinna
Portrayed By: Rose Leslie
Status: Alive
Age: 33
Role: Gladiate(?) Things
Theme Song: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
Land: Roma
Worships: Minerva & Juno


Her father had been a simple commoner and her mother an alluring Nymph, and Alexis knew both her parents for only a short while. The family of three had lived along the outskirts of the Roman renamed Italica, sitting beside the river and they were happy. It was a life of love that went unaffected even when Corfinium had surrendered to the confederates.

When Alexis was five, her father had passed away due to illness. Alexis and her family had not lived in poverty and were by no means poor, there had simply been no doctors competent enough to treat him. The Nymph took her daughter, wishing to leave behind the place where he husband had died, and traveled to Roma. It was upon their arrival at the jewel of the republic, that Alexis had been abandoned. Her mother had left Alexis with an unrelated merchant and had then vanished from the capitol. The destitute merchant had put some small effort into finding Alexis' mother, but to no avail. The gorgeous nymph was gone and no one had seen a woman quite so beautiful ever again.

The merchant, poor as he was, proved to be very unkind to Alexis. He had treated the girl like a slave, and, when the actual opportunity presented itself, he sold the girl into actual slavery. Her buyer had been largely disinterested in Alexis, having already owned a large collection of slaves and had only purchased the girl because of a "uniqueness" he had seen in her. She was one amongst only a handful of other girls, being largely outnumbered by men and boys. However, Alexis had quickly proven herself to be something more than just unique. She was clever. She was crafty. And she was efficient.

Her owner had an interesting fetish for forcing his slaves to fight each other for his amusement and profit. It was not quite on the level of the games, but it was violent nonetheless. Alexis was no fighter and was largely outmatched but her lithe figure had blessed her with quickness. It was not unlikely for any number of his slaves to end up dead or otherwise incapacitated. Armed with naught but a stick, she was easily able to outstep and overwhelm most.

Years passed like this and Alexis had despised every second that passed. She became more and more capable at fighting, but also more apt at knowing how to take a beating herself. Her master had, eventually, grown bored with Alexis' usual tricks. When the girl had turned sixteen, she was sent to the games.

Fight. Kill. Survive. That was all Alexis had to do. That was what she constantly told herself. She had heard from the other slaves that, survive long enough, and freedom awaited. All she needed to do was kill her opponent. All she had to do was survive for as long as she possibly could, and she would eventually be free.

And so she fought, killed, and survived. And it went on for years. As time passed, some of the other participants - the other Gladiators, had grown to admire Alexis and her tenacity. Others, however, disliked the idea of this woman, this girl, participating in the games. They particularly did not like the fact that she was such an exceptional fighter. She was by no means invincible, though.

During one of her matches, Alexis had not been quick enough to avoid the hammer that had smashed into her chest. Her collarbone shattered, the body of her ribcage destroyed, her heart showered and stabbed by bone, and her chest cavity plainly visible, it was positive that the girl would die. She had won her match, but she would die because of it. But, as fate would have it, Alexis' family heritage had saved her life. Having been the daughter of a Nymph, Alexis was blessed with wounds that would heal on their own.

She would live, but at another cost. Having discovered that Alexis was related to an actual Nymph, her value as both Gladiator and slave had increased greatly. She was the favored choice to bet money on, as her healing ability had made others see Alexis as invincible. Alexis had known about her mother, and now that her owner did too, he would likely be less willing to grant Alexis her freedom.

She knew this, and it infuriated her. Her shot at freedom was probably even smaller than it had been prior. Her master had become more lenient with Alexis, not forcing to fight in the games solely and sent her out to do other tasks as well.

Several years have passed since she first started in the games and she still kills and survives to maybe, eventually, fight her way to freedom.

It's been years, and Alexis has since become a free woman. She does as she pleases, with whom she pleases, and kills who she pleases - all in the company of her fellow murder squad. All in the name of Roma.


A snide girl whose boldness leads her to contend with even the most arrogant of men. She does not like her mother very much.


LP: 258
DP: 4
XP: 42
Fame: 22

  • Strength: 10 (4)
  • Dexterity: 10 (6)
  • Constitution: 8 (4)
  • Intelligence: (5)
  • Perception: 6 (5)
  • Willpower: 4 (3)

Useful Information

Initiative: +15
Perception Check: +12


Parry / Dodge +19 - -
Aerial Stab +16/+16 240 -
Slash +18 100 Slash/Stab
Hel Storm Slash +19 8 d10s -
Double Stab +15 100/100 -
Decapitation +14 500 -
Double Decapitation +13 740 -
Whirlwind Slash +15 100 -
Disarm +19 - -
Energy Absorption +9 Half original damage -


Gladius x2 (Remote & Candlewick)
Lorica of the Orgybringer (150 armor | +2 str, +2 con, +1 praelium)
Torches (2)
Travel bedding
Food rations (12)