There are six attributes in the Unisystem, three physical and three mental which represent a character's basic propensities. The 'average' attribute is around 3.

The men that make legends often have attributes that reach 5 or 6. Anything higher than that indicates that divine ichor runs in your veins.


Strength is often the deciding factor, in combat. A warrior's worth is often determined by his strength, and is often indicative of your capability as a hero. Most importantly, strength is used to determine damage. It can be used to determine your to-hit.

1-6 50 lbs x STR
7-10 250 lbs x (STR - 5) + 500 lbs
11-15 1000 lbs x (STR - 10) + 1,500 lbs
16-20 1,500 lbs x (STR - 15) + 5,000 lbs
21-25 2,500 lbs x (STR - 20) + 10,000 lbs
26-30 5,000 lbs x (STR - 25) + 20,000 lbs


A fine constitution prepares the hero for his journey. The world is a harsh place, and the Gods rarely show mercy. This attribute determines how well you shrug off whatever it throws at you.


This deals with agility, motor control, and precision. Most importantly, it is what usually determines your ability to hit someone else in the face.

5-6 1 -2
7-8 2 -4
9-10 3 -6
11-12 4 -8
+2 Dexterity +1 Action [ - An additional 2]


Let's see: memory, reasoning, analysis, strategy, and other studies of the mind. It is useful in dealing with people, too.


As important to the philosopher as intelligence, perception determines how well you observe the world around you.


Your strength of personality is your will. It is tied to your hubris and how stubborn you are. It can be used to deal with people, fight the effects of the supernatural world, and to hold on to your lifeblood.