Background Time

Guy Kutakawa a swordsman whose skills with a blade held no equal. He was to save the kingdom from an evil Tao master, along with his companion’s they fought hundreds of battles to reach their destination. A dark castle whose true beauty existed thousands of years ago, they were struck down by the tremendous power! Beaten and bruised Guy was the only one to survive the Tao masters attacks, seeing a threat in the young warrior, the evil master his banished Guy to another nation. Now his only goal is to return to his homeland and slay the evil that plagues his people once and for all.
Guy was born in a country to the east, his father and mother along with his sister Mia lived in a simple farm village, but their fate was to be killed by soldiers of war. His family’s bodies and home left to burn with everything else. Guy was protected in the onslaught by his elder sister Mia, she was the best swordsman and her skills with a blade earned her a position as a captain in the royal guards. Knowing that their chances were bleak she surrendered herself to the enemy and in exchange Guy was turned free. His family and friends gone, Guy felt like all hope was lost. Revenge was the only goal on his mind, but before he could set off on this quest he needed to honor everyone by burying their bodies
As Guy traveled he met an elderly man who offered to take the young boy in. Geng Fu taught Guy everything he knew about the way of the sword, and as he learned he developed an interest in reading and writing. His skills developing quickly, Guy began sparring with his master Geng Fu in both armed and unarmed combat. His strikes and motions seem jagged compared to his masters fluid motions, but through observation and guts Guy quickly sparred on par and moved just a gracefully. There was one problem that Guy’s master saw in the young warrior, his motivation was fueled by thoughts of revenge. It was true Guy wished nothing more than to gain power so that he could kill the brutes that took everything from him. In order to save his young disciple from walking down the side of darkness, Geng Fu sent Guy on an errand to the Imperial capital.
This journey would take several weeks to complete and Guy considered it welcome training. But as he was about to leave, Geng Fu instructed him that he was not to train throughout his entire journey to the capital. Guy upheld his master’s request and left for his destination, his task was to deliver a beautifully crafted sword to the new Emperor. As he travelled Guy saw magnificent structures and wonders he never thought possible! And though he did not know how people like himself could create such structures, he knew what his master was trying to show him. A true peace of mind was needed to unlock ones full potential whether it was through the art of the sword or the building of castles and homes.
Guy’s travels finally lead him to the Imperial capital, although his body was tired and fatigued, he first needed to finish the errand that was given to him. Asking the citizens for direction until he finally reached the castle steps, he saw a woman of true beauty! She was the granddaughter of the previous emperor, and she was loved by all of the people not only for her beauty but also the kindness she shared with everyone. As Guy journey up the steps their eyes met and as she smiled, he felt his heart beat through his chest. Was this feeling love? Standing and staring at the step the princess had left guy was knocked off balance by I man in black robes, he held a dark aura that could be seen to even the untrained eye. Guy quickly balanced himself and decided to run up the castle stairs behind the sinister man, suddenly he came to a stop and asked “What business does a peasant have here?” Guy replied by telling him he was to hand the gift his master Geng Fu had made to the new Emperor. “Ha the old fool still lives does he, hurry along boy the emperor has much to do.” Guy did what the man said and rushed up the stairs, but something bothered him. The blood lust that man showed could be sensed by almost anyone, so why would he be a palace official? Finally reaching the Emperor’s chambers, Guy presented himself and handed the sword over to a young man who couldn’t be any older them himself. “Thank you very much, but I must inform you that the person who was to be given this sword, passed away last night.” Perplexed by what the young emperor said, Guy asked if that person was the previous emperor? The young emperor responded “Yes, my grandfather.” Before Guy could ask any more questions the same man from earlier, ordered that Guy leave and not bother the royal family anymore.
Guy decided to return to his master, seeing that he completed the task given to him. As he left the city gates, men in black robes rushed past on horseback, all of them armed with several weapons and armor. As to uphold an ill omen, crow’s flew over the distance where his master waited. Guy ran quickly! The words of that man running through his mind, he prayed that his master was alright and the men we’re doing nothing more than to settle some dispute between land owners.

Guy finally reached his master’s hut, the entire area was ransacked. Two of the five men lay on the ground dead, with what seemed to be a sword wound through their heart and neck, Guy rushed quickly, maybe his master was able to kill all of the men. His hopes were shattered as he discovered a body beaten and bloody, his master Geng Fu was dead! Enraged, Guy grab one of the swords his master had created and took one of the horses the dead men had left behind. His target was the capital, and whoever stood in his way would die by his sword! Finally arriving at the capital, Guy found it burning to the ground; the people were killed in the same matter as his family and friends. He knew this was his chance to get revenge, and to find a lead on his sister!
Running as fast as he could! Guy found a soldier in strange armor; this wasn’t one of the men that attacked his village but he did not have time for thought was over. He engaged into battle! The man striking first lunged forward with the blunt end of his spear. Knowing that the sword he had less reach then his opponent’s weapon, he had no choice but rush his opponent. The strangely armored man saw this and attacked Guy! His spear struck into Guy’s shoulder, but Guy knew this left him open, he quickly broke the spear and slashed at the man’s legs and as he fell over; Guy drove the sword through his opponent’s skull!
After examining the body Guy hurried to the palace! Something didn’t seem right, the warrior could have pierced his throat or heart, why strike his shoulder? As he got closer to the palace the techniques used to kill people he found were horrible! Finally he got to the castle courtyard, the sounds of weapons clashing in the distance; someone was still alive! Guy ran as fast as he could, whoever it was may need help. As he arrived he saw the unbelievable, the princess was fighting another woman, and that woman was his very own sister! All Guy could see was pure blood lust, the beauty of her strokes was gone and so was the kindness she showed to others. The princess was struggling and Guy saw why, behind her the young emperor stayed hidden, Guy ran towards his once beloved sister and cut in between the two battling women! “Your highness, please get the emperor out of her!” Soon as those words left his mouth he slashed at his sister in order to push her back, the princess ran and grabbed the emperor!
Now Guy stood face to face with the person he wanted to find for years, the only member of his family still alive. Mia lunged forward and aimed for Guy’s heart! But her movements were too sloppy, and he easily countered her. If this was his sister he knew that her strikes would kill him in one fluid movement, she attacked again but like before Guy was easily able to counter her. However after he pushed her back again, he noticed a thin wire against her neck the seemed to be connected to the air. Guy struck at the wire and was blown back by a strong gust of wind, what seemed like ancient symbols surrounding Mia! “Mia hang on!” Guy yelled as he ran towards his sister, only to be blocked by a hooded giant. After that everything went black.