The seething masses of uncivilized dog that live outside of the good influence of Rome. The ferocious tribesmen of the north. To a Roman, that's what you are- uncommonly strong and brave, yes, but stupid and uneducated all the same. The Roman would prove that his 'civilization' will conquer your open fields and uncut hair. Will you let him? Still, many Roman legionnaires were once 'barbarians', and these days, it's just used to describe anyone who doesn't speak Latin from the north. While the Syrians can be considered barbarians, the barbarian in many a plebe's mind these days refers to a warrior from a fierce Gallic, Briton, or Germanic tribe.

+2 to STR
+2 to Hard to Kill
+2 to Praelium
Battle Fervour (2)
Minority (-1)
Cost: 7