Portrayed By: Santiago Cabrera
Status: Alive
Age: 27
Role: Champion of the Aedui
Theme Song: Reach by Gloria Estefan
Land: Bibracte
Worships: Tiw

Divitiacos is a celebrated Gallic warrior, recently chosen as the foremost fighter the Aedui tribe.


The baby was found far to the south, by a sheepmonger named Iberos. He and his wife took the babe as their own when he brought it back. As fate would have it, his wife was barren and they took this as a sign from the gods. They showered him in love but treated him as they would a grown man, and as is the case in many Gallic communities, it took a village to raise the boy. This lent him a subtle confidence that town dwellers often marveled at, and many labeled him an old soul - clearly someone or some divine reborn. He laughed these assumptions off, but reaped the benefits anyway. As he grew, he was at times a shepherd, a goatherd, a mason, a thatcher, a fletcher, and hunter. It wasn't until his fifteenth birthday- when the Romans broke off their allegiance, that he realized that his true calling was warrior.

In those times, he worked where he could in Bibracte, the closest town. The smells offended him at first, but the coin that he earned there was acceptable, and the love of a wild foreign woman who worked there was something he cherished above all. She taught him to read the secret writings of the druid, the mysteries of Ogham, and he in turn sparred with her. She possessed a martial heritage that he had never encountered- she didn't fight like a Gaul or a Roman. Their love was strong, and when the Suebi came howling across the hills - they met them with iron.

It wasn't enough.

The defeat chilled the Aedui, the tribe that held dominance in Bibracte, and the lack of Roman aid angered their elders. Divi knew then that it was up to men like him to make sure they were ready the next time. His uncanny talent for war did not go unnoticed, and he accepted the offer from the Aedui to join their ranks. Every man must have a tribe, brethren to watch his back. Divi knew that, and he needed it now above all - when his heathen love disappeared with no note or explanation. Throwing himself into his training, Divi slowly built a reputation as a fearsome warrior. To make things more interesting, he often entered into Roman games of his own volition in his travels - proving to all that free men fight fiercer than slaves. The novelty earned him some coin, and what he lacked showmanship he made up with in unparalleled timing.

As he traveled, he gathered a following of people from all walks of life. They only had one thing in common: a love for single combat and a desire to one day possess the skill they saw Divitiacos employ. He agreed to teach them, but it wasn't just physical combat he taught them- he made sure his men (and one or two women) knew how to use the skills they were thought. When to use them, why, and what for. And always, after ever spar, after every duel, after every strenuous regimen he made sure they remembered "always use Might for Right. When there is a bloodless way, use it, too. Do not let the blood hold you. It holds me, too. It is a struggle to fight the blood everyday, so it is our duty, as men of the blood, to only draw it for the greater good."

When he returned to Bibracte a year ago, the Aedui made him their Champion and, with the help of an enigmatic man in a robe named Dumnorix, he proceeded to shame attacking tribes into deciding their wars with single combat. Through this, he has saved countless lives, and his legend grows.


Surprisingly approachable, with an understanding smile for any willing to learn. Divitiacos has risen to his position not only due to his physical capabilities, but his capacity for understanding and being undeniably likable. He's a nice guy.


LP: Unknown
DP: Enough
XP: Invalid
Fame: 40 - He's one of the most well-known warriors in the world.

  • Strength: Immense
  • Dexterity: Unmatched
  • Constitution: Pedestrian
  • Intelligence: Razor-sharp
  • Perception: Unremarkable
  • Willpower: Unshakeable

Useful Information

Initiative: +11
Perception Check: +10