Drama Points

Drama Points signify an action of Fate intervening on your behalf or your own Hubris.

Receiving Drama Points

Correspondingly, you receive drama points in two ways.

A) Fate: your character suffers more massive damage, loss, and general negative effects than the rest of the party.

B) Hubris: your character defies the world through being generally stubborn and reckless.

Spending Drama Points

Similarly, there are two tracks to using Drama Points.


Heroic Act

Through sheer willpower, you are afforded a bonus (determined by your willpower) on your next roll. If you have a supernatural1 willpower, each Heroic Act costs .5 DP instead of the standard 1 DP.

1 +5
2 +7
3 +10
4 +10
5 +12
6 +15

This can be used once per round.


You may be dying, but you refuse to believe it. Through your own hubris, you stay alive. Or at least, stay alive longer than you would have otherwise. This heals you at a number determined by your willpower. If your willpower is 7 or higher, this heals you fully.

1 10
2 15
3 20
4 40
5 60
6 75

It costs 1 DP.


The Hand of Fate

For 1 DP, you may gain a beneficial plot twist.

An Extended Thread

Fate intervenes and brings you back from Hades. It costs 10 DP. The entire party can collectively pool their DP together for this action.