This drawback has a lot of effects, depending on the level of drawback that is taken. Regardless, the character must occcasionally refer to use of said addictive substance, perhaps even in passing (as long as it isn't a Secret); they just need to make it a trait.

For every addiction valued at 2 or more, you must roll a d10 once per In Character day to determine if you are suffering from either a lack of the substance or negative effects of the substance. If you get a number equal to your level of addiction or lower, you suffer a penalty equal to your level of addiction minus one.

1 (regular use of alcohol, cannabis)
2 (heavy use of alcohol,cannabis)
3 (hemlock addiction)
4 (mushroom addiction)


The world is a contest of wills, and none is more prevalent than the desire of two men to kill each other. The more power and clout thery have, the more this drawback is worth.
The value of the drawback is based on the skill of your enemy and on how much they want you, personally, dead.

1 (A single hero wants you dead)
2 (A legend wants you dead)
3 (A country wants you dead)


In this case, unattractiveness. This drawback determines how ugly you are, and has a significant impact on your social interactions.

Value: 1-5

Bad Thread

The Fates have not treated you well, and they probably never will. For every level you take, you will experience penalties at choice moments.

Value: 1-10

Bacchanalian Complex

For whatever reason, you've never really grown up. Some might call you irresponsible, others might call you immature, but the truth is, you're a free spirit who's beyond all that. Naturally, you have some difficulty getting by in society.
Value: 2

Blind Fury

Dangerous is the man who has no hold over his temper. Both to himself and others. At the first level, this that initiating the incident is difficult and calming you down is relatively easy. At the second, this is moderate. At the third, it is severe. You are easily angered, and that rage tends to last.

Value: 1-2 or 4.


Your character just can't resist a joke, prank, or jive. The one who does not always recognize the line that should not be crossed. This, of course, can be very lethal.

This is a drawback that is to be role played out in social situations; it is not one that is rolled out. It must be somewhat consistent, though.

Value: 2


Whether driven by beliefs, fate, a curse, or something you have no idea of, you're compelled to do something out of the ordinary. A minor compulsion should be annoying. A moderate compulsion should force you out of your way on a regular basis. A severe compulsion should disrupt daily life.

Value: 1-3


This character wants something. Badly.

Not necessarily one thing, usually just a group related to each other.

There are four possibilities for their desires in this category: Greed (Wealth), Lechery (anyone the character is attracted to), Conspicuousness (the desire for fame), and Ambition (power).

There are, however, differing levels of this desire for whatever it is that they want. Mild is a 1 pt drawback, and indicates that while the character wants this thing, the desire can be tempered by reason and better judgment with some effort. Severe is a 2 point drawback, and the character will need a powerful reason or effort to stop going after what they want. In fact, a double Willpower roll must be made, with a penalty of -1 to -3, to resist their desire. The third level is Desperate (3 point drawback) and the Willpower roll is now a single roll, but with a penalty of -1 to -5. If these Willpower rolls fail, then the character will go after what they want regardless of the consequences of their actions.

Value: 1/level


You're a pussy. And kind of lame.

The character must make a Fear Test Check when faced with anything that might unsettle or scare them. If they are faced with something obviously superhuman then that Fear Test Check suffers a -4 to the roll. Furthermore a character with this Drawback never becomes used to a scare.

Value: 2

Demonic Tutor

Whoever taught you magic didn't have your best interests at heart. On top of that, you probably have no idea who they really are, either. Whether your mentor is an actual demon in disguise or just a horrible person possessed by a spirit, you're stuck thinking that this woman (or man) is teaching you what you know without ulterior motives that don't involve cookies.

Value: 2


Oh, you have to go back to Penelope and Telemachus? Fat chance. Like it or not, there's another human being out there that depends on you to care for him - financially, physically, or even emotionally. Probably all three. Your character sincerely cares for these people.

1 (Single Dependent)
2 (Several Dependents)

Emotional Problems

The cost of living is…living.

DEPRESSION Try as you might, you can't bring yourself to do almost anything. Every second alive is a struggle to keep on putting one foot in front of the other. Accordingly, you suffer a -1 penalty to all tasks. This is a 2 pt. Drawback, or a 1 pt. if the character is successfully on medication for it.
EASILY FLUSTERED You don't always take things as lightly as normal people do, or get affected somehow by something someone said or did, whether you get angry, nervous, or whatever is up to you, given the situation. This 1 pt. Drawback provides a -1 to appropriate rolls if the character is flustered.
EMOTIONAL DEPENDENCY Yep. You need people. No, really. Your close friend going for a week long vacation is going to gnaw at you, and you're going to want to spend ridiculous amounts of time semi-stalking your spouse. This gets you 1 point for being needy.
FEAR OF COMMITMENT You're not good with people getting too close. Who knows why, maybe you've been burned enough to stay away from the flame. Even if it's not too hot. 1 pt. Drawback.
FEAR OF REJECTION She said no. I can't…live with myself. It's not fair! Why'd she reject me? Yup. Your character just can't take rejection, and will probably get angry, hurt, and feel other overblown emotions when rejected. 1 pt. Drawback
INSECURITY You don't do well on stage, and probably don't feel good about what's in the mirror either. This gives you a -2 to initiative. 1 pt. Drawback.


You follow specific, well thought out code of honor that is so true to you that you need to make a Willpower (doubled) check to break it even in life or death situations. If you fail it, you cannot break the code. Honorable comes in three levels.

Your character doesn't lie or betray friends, family, or people he respects. Anybody else is fair game.
Value: 1

Whether it be friend or foe, your character doesn't betray the trust of others and keeps his promises. Because of this, he takes giving her word seriously.
Value: 2

We're talking paragon honor here. Your character seriously and faithfully abides by the code laid out but also will not ambush an enemy (that's cowardly), hit a helpless enemy (unfair), kiss a girl who is not pure (ungentlemanly) or cheat at dice (disgusting). He will only lie in the most extreme of cases and even then takes a penalty of between -2 and -6 on the roll.
Value: 4


You don't have a sense of humour. No. Really.

Value: 2

Impaired Senses

You've got a sense that is pretty much senseless. This isn't the same as being totally deficient; instead, you suffer a -3 penalty to use it. You can't take this drawback for a sense you bought Acute Sense for. You can apply this drawback to sight, hearing, touch, and taste/smell.

Value: 2


The first form (True Love) is about loving a specific someone with all your heart. When having to choose between the object of your heart's desire and something else (like saving the world, for instance), you will always choose your love. Always

The second flavor (Tragic Love) of love is less about who you love and more about how you love. Your relationships end badly. All of them. Always. Either something bad always happens to your lover or you just always pick the wrong person. Either way, while you have this flaw you cannot have a good relationship for very long.

Value: 2 for True Love; 4 for Tragic Love

Mental Problems

You've got a few issues. Probably all about violence, and thus are a perfectly normal man. Mental problems come in the following forms. All mental problems can be taken up to 3 levels.

COWARDICE Apply the level as a penalty to Fear Checks.
CRUELTY The character likes to inflict pain and suffering on others.
DECEIT The character is a compulsive liar and needs to make a doubled Willpower roll with a penalty equal to the level of the Drawback to tell the truth.
DELUSIONS The character believes something that isn't true, or hallucinates. Also covers general bigotry.
OBSESSION The character is fixated on a particular person or activity.
PARANOIA Convinced someone is out to get you.
PHOBIA When confronted by the topic of the phobia, roll a Fear Check with a penalty equal to the level of the Drawback.
RECKLESSNESS Jumps into danger boldly, bravely, stupidly.
VIOLENCE When faced with a confrontational situation, must make a doubled Willpower check with a penalty equal to the level of the Drawback.
ZEALOT Character holds some belief so strongly that it dominates their life.

Value: 1/level


You are in a minority. This may indicate someone who isn't from the Republic or a woman.

Value: 1


You do not get along well with society. As such, you receive a -1 penalty to all social interactions.

Value: 1


Some people just believe the best in people. Your trusting nature tends to get you in a lot of trouble. A character with this drawback takes a -3 to all actions involving seeing through deception, believing lies, or avoiding your common robber. Those things happen to someone else.

In addition, you must make a Willpower (doubled) roll, with a -2 modifier, for really hearing when people are telling you something for your own good. Like that your new best friend is a rapist who wants to rape you.

Value: 2

Not So Tough

The character is less durable than his attributes would otherwise suggest. This Drawback is appropriate for characters with a glass jaw, or those who succumb to physical trauma easily. A character may not take this Drawback if it would reduce his or her Life Points below 1.

2 The character's Life Points are decreased by 5 Points.
3 The character's Life Points are decreased by 10 Points.
4 The character's Life Points are decreased by 15 Points.


You owe loyalty to an organization or cause or person and that can cause some discomfort, pain, or death. Obligation comes in three levels.

You are expected risk your life for cause. Your average city guardsman or local militia have this kind of obligation.
Value: 1

The welfare of the group is more important than your own. You're always on call and your personal life takes second place. This is the sort of obligation that soldiers and cultists have.
Value: 2

Every day you could die for the cause. It always comes first. Always. This is the level of obligation that soldiers in wartime and low-born citizens.
Value: 3


Compared to Outcasts, Misfits have it easy. Outcasts are misfits who have been so whipped by society that they go out of their way to avoid gaining attention.
Outcasts suffer a -2 penalty on all social rolls and a -1 penalty on all notice checks.
Value: 3

Physical Disability

There's a serious problem with your physical functioning, be it from birth defects, accident, or disease.

Just what it says. You can't see. Period. You need a Perception + Notice check just to find someone in combat and even then you take a -4 to all attack and defense rolls.
Value: 8

Missing/Crippled Arm/Hand
Either your hand is gone or you can't use the hand to grab things. Any task requiring two hands is either at a -3 penalty or impossible.
1 (if a prosthetic can help)
2 (with no prosthetic)

Missing/Crippled Leg/Foot
You can't walk or run normally. With a cane, you can move at 1/3rd normal speed. Up close combat is done at a -2 penalty to all rolls. With an artificial leg you can move at half speed and only take a -1 penalty to close combat rolls.
2 (with a regular artificial leg or foot)
3 (without an artificial leg or foot)

Recurring Nightmares

You suffer from dreams. Horrible dreams. It could be because of visions or because of childhood trauma or post-war trauma or any number of other reasons. Once per day, roll a nightmare check in order to see if you've avoided one or not. If you fail the roll, you're at a -1 to all actions for that day.
Value: 1


This determines wealth as a drawback- meaning you're poor. Terribly poor. How you've remained unslaved is beyond most. Determines what you start with.

Wealth Description Cost
Destitute Food is a serious issue. -2
Miserable You have the clothes on your back. -1
Minimal You have the basics. 0


Perhaps you were a traitor. Perhaps you killed someone who wasn't of the lowest class and it never got out. Whatever you're hiding, it's probably best kept hidden.
1 (Something that'll be a danger to your livelihood or reputation.)
2 (A Secret that reflects a danger to your well-being or freedom..)
3 (A Secret that endangers your life.)


You are a slave. That's right- you're owned. It's not as bad as it sounds, really. Except that yes, someone owns you.
Value: 4


Pretty standard for most heroes, really. Willpower gets -2 against resisting hogging the spotlight. And you've got to role-play it.
Value: 2


Your character cannot talk. For whatever reason, they are incapable of verbal communication. Reasons can include a genetic defect, physical war wound, or psychological trauma.
Value: 2


Your character lacks just about any artistic or creative ability. Give her a harp, she'll give you broken strings. Talentless characters suffer a -3 penalty when doing anything creative. This includes creatively lying or coming up with a good seduction routine, along with drawing, singing, dancing, and writing. In addition, talentless characters can never get more than one success on checks involving creativity.
Value: 2