Experience Points

Surviving as a hero in this world forces you to learn- and progress is a constant.

One cannot skip scores, each level must be bought progressively - so Eric can't use his XP to jump from a 4 STR to a 9 by only spending 36 XP. He would have to spend 20 to get to a 5, then 24 to get to a 6, then 28 to get to a 7, then 32 to get to an 8, then another 36 to get to the 9 he desires. The same does not apply to Hard to Kill, Increased Life Points, or a few other exceptions. If you have questions, just throw us a line and we'll answer. We've heavily house-ruled this system.

Experience Point Expenditure

Type of Stat Cost
Attribute 4 x New Score
Qualities 3 x Cost
Supernatural Qualities 4 x Cost
New Skill 4 XP
Leveling a Skill 3 x New Score
Buying off a Drawback 4 x Purchase Score