You are a dead man. You've known this from the first time the whip cracked on your back, and the first of countless drops of blood you've shed. Not for a home. Not for honor, but for the entertainment of the masses, and for some, perhaps for you- GLORY. Driven by survival and the hope that one day your efforts will lead to freedom or respect, you excel in single combat. Not just in efficiency, but in sheer style. For the most part, you believe that shields are ridiculously boring, and that archery is for cowards. It is extremely likely that you're a slave.

+2 to DEX
+1 to STR and CON
+1 to Gymnastics
+2 to Praelium
Hard to Kill 2
Dual Weapon Fighter (1)
Individual Fighter1 (2)
Showoff (-2)
Mental Problems: Violence (Moderate) (-2)
Cost: 8