Portfolio Name Casting Influence
War, Conquest, Viking Saxnot Kevin McKidd 65
Magic, Death, Mead Wotan Ian McKellan 85
Death, Jackals, Mummification Anubis - 45
Gladiating, Justice, Games, Amputees Tiw Channing Tatum 55
Obsessive Love, Imbibement, Sodomy Frige Diane Kruger 80
Tricks and Treats Loki Tom Hiddleston 70
Protection, Family, Disinterested Feline Affection Bastet - 45
Male Sexual Organs Cernunnos Hugh Dancy (?) 60
Time, Luck, Treat Yo' Self Rheda Amy Poehler 60
The Sun, Birds of Prey Ra - 50
Feminist Ideals, Binaries Druantia Polly Walker 60
Smithing and Technology Waylon Hugo Weaving 50
Wild Fires, Lions, and Combat Medics (Currently Held Captive by the HRIC) Sekhmet - 40