Item Creation

A table for creating Wondrous Items and enchanting items. This covers both the roll and the actual quality levels purchased.

Power Level Effects
1 You can create a temporary assemblages to mimic PL 1-2 spells.
2 Better versions of standard items- weapons that have a bonus to hit equal to half (1/2) the creator's Wondrous Philosopher level OR deals one modifier higher in damage. Something that changes your face. Gives the wielder odd emotions.
3 Something that brings a skeleton to life. Weapons that deals WILxSL of the initial creation roll or STRxSL of the creation roll in damage. Give the item specific magic detection powers.
4 A trinket that makes the wearer fall in love with someone. Weapons that add WILxSL of the creation roll or add STRxSL in damage. Changes you to look exactly like Gaius Julius Caesar in every way. A bonus or penalty of 1 pt. of an attribute. Activates latent sites of power.
5 An item that brings a skeleton to life with memories and basic personality of the person intact. Causes 3 pt. mental problems. Give someone the perfect disguise.
6 Weapons that add 2xWILxSL or 2xSTRxSL in damage. A bonus or penalty of 2 pt. of an attribute. Open a door to another plane. Strengthen or weaken a god. Split someone's id and ego into two real people.
7 Pretty much anything. Closed to most mortals. I have no idea why this is here.