Magicka Level 6

Antimagic Field

Requirements: A proto-Sanskrit incantation and a wave of the hands.
Effect: Within a ten meter radius of the caster, all magic stops. All supernatural abilities quit working. No spell can pass in or out, and will fail immediately. The field lasts 1 x WIL minutes.

Time Stop

Requirements: A quick prayer to the All-Father that takes an action.
Effect: For 1 X WIL rounds, time stops. While the rest of the universe is frozen, the caster moves, reacts, and may act as normal.

Chain Lightning

Requirements: A quick motion of the hands.
Effect: A bolt of electricity arcs from the casters hand, hitting a target for 5 x SL x WILL damage. If anyone is standing within 3 meters of the lightning bolt's target when it hits, they are also shocked by the attack, up to the caster's willpower score.


Requirements: A harsh stamping of the ground and a word in Teutonic.
Effect: An earthquake starts around the caster, extending 100 meters around him. Each move requires a DEX check with a penalty equal to the Success Levels of the original casting. A failure of the

Hel Storm

Requirements: An incantation in Proto-Germanic that takes an action, a gesture toward the sky.
Effect: The caster summons a storm. The clouds hurl forth lightning and flame. It extends around a 100-meter area the caster chooses. The caster may designate up to 1XWIL targets to keep safe from harm inside the storm.
Anyone who is in the storm will be hit with 2xWIL d10s of lightning or fire damage.

True Resurrection

Requirements: A day long ritual.
Effect: This brings someone back from the underworld, whole and fully healed of any harm. Be careful with it, though. Psychopomps may take issue with interference.

Mass Heal

Requirements: A quick incantation and a push of the palm.
Effect: Heal as many people as 1xWIL. You will heal them WILxSuccess Levels of the roll.