Makis' History

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Makis is a Myrmidon, a title that pretty much speaks for itself, no matter where he is. On many occasions, Myrmidons were said to be the fiercest warriors in all of Greece. Makis was no exception. He was a warrior whose skill rivaled even the greatest of men.

But, before Makis became the Myrmidon of renown that he was to be, he was first just a boy born into slavery. His parents, both former wealthy merchants in the city of Troy, had fallen into poverty shortly after giving birth to their son. His childhood had been filled with grueling and lengthy tasks that a child of his age and size should not have been able to accomplish.

As the years went by, Makis grew older and was forced to perform increasingly difficult work as a slave. Even so, his parents still had more difficult tasks. Makis, his mother, and his father rarely got to see each other. For the most part, they were all kept at a significant distance away from each other. As a result, Makis did not get to know his parents as most children got to.

Eventually, his parents were overworked and passed away because of it. There were no formalities; their bodies were simply thrown out. Makis never received the news of his mother and father’s death; his Masters simply secluded him from the public more so than before.

His tasks as a slave varied from simply serving food to his Master and being as brutal as brawling with another slave for their Lord’s personal enjoyment. It even went as far as being used to pay off a debt n various ways.

Makis watched the other slaves and compared himself to them. They were so unalike, in the sense that they didn’t seem to mind their tiring chores, while Makis despised every last moment of it.

He began to reach a breaking point; after seven years forced slavery. Slowly but surely, Makis began to steal food and valuables from other nobles. He was building of a personal stash so at one point, if the opportunity presented it, he could abandon his slave life and make a run for it. And that window of opportunity he had been waiting for finally presented itself to him.

He managed to escape successfully, which ended up causing uproars from other slaves and their Lords. He was searched for, but to no avail. He hid for a long time, waiting until he could move about freely. It certainly took some waiting, but it all paid off in the end.

The search had been called off, even though an unnecessary large commotion had been made over the MIA Makis.

In order to keep himself going, Makis had to resort to stealing the things he needed to get by. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. If he was caught, he was beaten, chased off, or even almost killed. Sometimes he wondered which of his two lives had been better. Despite his horrendous living conditions, Makis managed to get by, barely.

Until things got worse, as they usually did.

His skills as a thief were rather unimpressive, laughable even. Eventually do to his lack of not being able to get his hands on any food Makis began to suffer from malnutrition. He was nearly starved to death, collapsed in an alley unable to move. The people that passed by him did one of two things. The first was think that he was just another beggar and left him alone. The second was that they just didn’t see him on the ground fading in and out of consciousness.

There was only one person that happened to notice Makis and offer to help. Namely, it was a swordsman that was a member of the Myrmidons. It was a rare occasion to come across one of them in public and even rarer to offer a random stranger assistance.

The Myrmidon gave Makis three choices. One: continue to lie there and die a miserable death. Two: return to the life of slavery he had escaped from. Three: allow the Myrmidon to take care of him and eventually join the group of loyal warriors.

It should be obvious which option he picked, shouldn’t it? If it isn’t, Makis picked third option. Fuck poverty and fuck slavery.

In a year’s time, Makis had regained his health in full. As agreed upon with his Myrmidon caretaker, he was to join the ranks of the Myrmidons. In truth, Makis didn’t want to join them, but he did it anyways. He was a man of his word.

Before he could join, Makis had to receive the proper training and education. That was all taken care of in a swift manor, as the soldier watching over him knew people in high places.

With a fairly good education under his belt, it was high time Makis learned how to use a sword. His caretaker was his main instructor, but when the Myrmidon was unavailable to train him, there were several other soldiers that would teach him swordplay.

He practiced for a good seven years, meaning he was fifteen when he finally joined the Myrmidons.

Makis had become highly efficient with his blade and wielded it witch expertise. His movements had become swift and agile and he was no longer a pushover when it came to physical strength. He certainly wasn’t the best there was, but he was pretty close.

At first, Makis was as loyal as any Myrmidon should be. But as time progressed and he began to develop a personality of his own, his duty and his personality began to conflict with each other.

It took a vast amount of time before the way he acted turned into a problem. During that time, Makis had fought in many wars and many battles. He had won many fights and had lost many fights, as well. Although, his wins greatly outnumbered his losses. Among the Myrmidons, Makis had slowly turned into one of the best. In order to keep his skills sharp and as a form of competition, he had duals and sparred with many of the other Myrmidons. Again, he rarely lost and won the majority of his duals. There was even an extremely rare occasion where he had the opportunity to have a one-on-one fight with Achilles, the leader of the Myrmidons. Of course, Makis never won, but he never lost too quickly either.

When his personality and duty as a Myrmidon finally began to cause issues, it was mainly because of the way he handled his orders. When he was given an order to do something, whether it be in a battle or not, Makis rarely failed to accomplish his tasks. The problem was that he ever did his chores the way he was supposed to. He always handled them in a completely different and roundabout manner. Even though he usually made certain to do his job, the way he did was treated as disobedience.

Myrmidons were supposed to be the fiercest of warriors with undying and unwavering loyalty. While he was still loyal, his refusal to do things the way they were meant to caused a major problem.

It escalated to the point where even Achilles refused to deal with Makis anymore. And thus, Makis was removed from the ranks of the Myrmidon and kicked out of Troy.

Frankly, Makis didn’t mind being kicked out of Troy and the Myrmidons. He thought of his life as a soldier as a hobby more than anything, and now he no longer had a hobby. He had enjoyed it while it had lasted, and was relieved when it was over.

He began to travel from state to state, stopping whenever he needed a few days rest. His main purpose of wandering from place to place was to hone his skills in any way he could find. For the most part, this involved taking part in a vast number of wars. He was always fought for the side that offered him the better pay of Drachmas, as it was the only way he knew to earn a decent coin.

He was never afraid of dying in battle; it was actually the one place he was expecting to die. He fought without mercy, using his skill as a former Myrmidon to their fullest. At times, when Makis was asked where he hailed from and how he had become such a fine killer, he never spoke of Troy or the Myrmidons. It was always a different lie so he didn’t have to bother with that life ever again.

Eventually, his random side taking when he participated in wars caused a problem. One war, he would ally himself with the state’s enemy. The next war, he would ally himself with the previous state’s enemy. People began to care for Makis less and less, and even threatened his life. States began to refuse Makis’ passing and denied him any refuge. It was highly discomforting that he no longer had any place he could go. All the while, people made literal stabs at his life.

He finally made his way to Scassos, a city-state that knew only peace. It was pretty much the only place that would accept him, and he needed a place where he wouldn’t have to worry about keeping his head on his shoulders. Now, Makis simply looks for a new hobby to replace his previous ones, whatever the Gods may decide it to be.