Natural Magick

This is magic as it has been known since the dawn of time. While sorcerers study the more arcane, more elaborate uses of mysticism, natural magic is that which the animals and druids use.

The roll for casting a spell is always Willpower + Arcana, and per combat round you suffer a cumulative -2 to each spell cast with WIL/Arcana

The goal of the spellcasting roll is to get a number of successes equal to or greater than the power level of the spell. A PL 3 spell, for example, requires at least three successes to cast successfully. If the roll garners no successes then the spell fails entirely. If the spell garners at least one success but not a number of successes greater than or equal to the spell's power level, there is a miscasting.

Avoiding Spells

Different spells can be avoided by their targets in different ways. All spells that manifest physical effects (Like Magic Missile or Lightning Bolt) can be dodged at various penalties as per normal combat. Many others can be avoided using doubled willpower or constitution roll. The director will notify you when such is the case.


Unlike sorcery, natural magicks use your Dexterity actions as casting limits, just like a sword strike or punch might.


Wind - You send out a blast of frozen air and force from your outstretched palm. This deals WILxSL damage to a number of opponents equal to your WIL score, and envelops a cone-shaped area outward from your arm reaching 6 meters. This spell can triggers a single CON check and if the target fails, they are hurled a number of meters equal to the success levels of the roll, and are prone till the next round begins.

Fire - You send out a gout of shaped flame from your fingertips. This deals WILxSL damage and cuts through 10 levels of armor per success level of your to-hit roll. This can be a small fireball or a thin stream of heat, and is capable of hitting a umber of chosen targets up to the WIL of the caster.

Time - You can lay down a ward that slows down all those who enter it that you consider a foe. You can exempt up to your WIL number of people within the ward to move at normal speed, and you automatically remain moving at normal speed. All victims within the ward make a single CON check minus the success levels of the caster's natural magick roll. Those who fail have all their reactions reduced to one for the round. The ward lasts a number of rounds equal to the caster's WIL, and each round allows for a new saving roll.

Earth - You can absorb the power of the Earth into your body. For every point of STR you have, you may add 10 Natural Armor. This requires a full round action to activate and only lasts a number of rounds equal to your WIL.

Water - You can move your hands in such a hypnotic manner as to temporarily pacify threats. You make a WIL/Arcana roll, and your opponent makes a single WIL roll minus the success levels of your casting roll. If they fail, they must temporarily fight by your side. They are incapable of attacking you or your allies for a number of rounds equal to your WIL, though they get a chance to break free of the roll every subsequent round.

Spells and Armor

Wearing any armor will slow your movement, and wearing heavy armors will stop the critical physical elements of some spells or invocations. You suffer a -2 to casting rolls to hit/affect when wearing leather armor, and a -4 to spells in lorica plates.

When wearing leather tunics, a person suffers from a 20% Spell Reduction. This means that all spells have a twenty percent chance of miscasting, and furthermore only deal 80% of the damage they normally would.

When wearing lorica or heavy legion armor, a spellcaster suffers from a 40% Spell Reduction rate, dealing only 60% normal damage and having only a decent chance at successfully casting the spell.

These can be mitigated by taking certain Supernatural Qualities, or by using equipment made by highly skilled smiths.