Acute Sense

Your feel, see, smell, taste, or hear more than the average man. This quality allows you to get +3 to all Perception rolls that are affected by your sense of choice. You buy each one separately and may pick from this list: sight, hearing, touch, and taste/smell.
Cost: 2


You may not be an Adonis, but you are gifted with good looks. For one point per level, you get to be pretty, too. 1 point is for the kinda cute, 2 for the pretty, 3 for the beautiful, 4 for the gorgeous and 5 is for those who can rival him. You get to add your attractiveness to most Influence rolls, at the GM's discretion.
Cost: 1-5


You have studied movement, physics, and weapons. You know exactly where to place a blade or bolt to deal the worst kind of damage. You deal double damage on sneak attacks, flanking attacks, or similar movements.
Cost: 4

Battle Fervour

You are exceptional at inspiring your comrades to take victory from the jaws of defeat. Once a combat scene, you give the rest of your comrades a +5 to all hits if you fall below 5 LP.
Cost: 2


Watchman: Citizen! Did you see this man come through here?
Passerby: Who?

Yeah. You just don't get noticed, do you? You've got that kind of face. The one that blends in everywhere - that just doesn't stick out. That's so…average. Of course, that can be an advantage to say, a collector of information - if not a wannabe thespian. Naturally, you can't have qualities that'll draw attention to you. Like Attractiveness. You get a +2 to blend in and any brief acquaintances need at least 4 success levels to remember you.
Cost: 1

Blind Fight

You can fight in total darkness without any penalties. You do not count as having Night Sight, and this only applies to battle.
Cost: 5

Bybliotheca Occultum

There's all sorts of of odd things out there, and if you come across something fantastic you know nothing about you could just make something up about it and hope someone believes you or…you could hit the scrolls. Read. Find out exactly what it is and what to do about it. This quality means you've got a library with books, tablets, and such that you can research spells and monsters with. At the first level, your library only has one good source of information…you could probably stumble across a dozen spells and a few notes on a handful of monsters. You research at a -3 penalty. At the second level, you've got a modest collection and research has no penalty. At the third level, you've got an impressive library that has enough information in it to cover most things, gaining a +1 bonus to research. At the last level, your library might as well be the library at Alexandria. You receive a +2 bonus on research attempts.
Cost: 1-3; 5


You have travelled widely- or perhaps you've just come in touch with people who have. Whatever the case is, you know people. For each level you buy, you have contacts in one social sphere. The spheres are: merchants, government/clergy (they're often the same thing in Roman society), criminal, military, and monsters.
Cost: 2/level

Dead Eye

As an archer, you ignore the melee dodge penalty and keep your cool.
Cost: 1

Dual Weapon Fighter

You are adapt at fighting with two weapons instead of one. You gain an extra attack action for every action you have. However, this has made you negligent in shield use and you are unable to reap their benefits. You can use a unique maneuver, and try to hit two separate targets at once at a minus two to the hit roll (-2 each).

This effectively doubles your attack actions, but you suffer cumulative minuses to a larger degree.
Cost: 4


As scholars make simple the mystery of the written word, so to do you read a man. With a successful perception/notice check, you can tell what someone is feeling. This gives you a bonus to telling if people are lying, as well.
Cost: 2

Fast Learner

It takes half the time for you to learn something and your skills are always treated as one lower when counting experience point costs.
Cost: 3

Fast Reaction Time

You possess the eyes of Diana, the agility of Mercury. Not really, but whatever it is, you react faster than others. You gain a +5 bonus to initiative.
Cost: 2

Hard to Kill

When it comes down to it, this is really what separates the celebrated veteran from the fallen, forgotten soldier. Being hard to kill. Every level of this quality yields 3 extra LP and a +1 bonus to survival checks.
Cost: 1-10

Highly Skilled

Perhaps you had a quick eye for learning. Perhaps you were afforded more training than others. However you got there, you're more skilled than most. Each level of this quality yields skill points equal to your intelligence level. This caps at 4 skill points/level. You may only have your level of INT levels of Highly Skilled (if your INT os 3, it caps at three, of it's six, it caps at six levels.)
Cost: 2

Iron Mind

You're a stubborn one, and more able to resist the wiles of witches- among other things that you might run into out there. This does not represent a numeric value, but a bonus that the GM will factor in.
Cost: 2


You know how to read and write. It can be a useful skill.
Cost: 1

Marathon Runner

Like those Greeks of old, you are capable of running at ridiculous speeds for an extended amount of time. You don't tire easily, and can run faster than your fellow man.
Cost: 2

Natural Toughness

You were born getting beaten. Whether you're a born brawler or just a pankration expert who's spent years honing his body, you can take a hit. Men who are naturally tough gain natural armour of 5 against bash damage and gain +2 to resisting knockouts, takedowns, and slam-tackles.
Cost: 2

Nerves of Steel

Gorgon or Pluto himself, and you wouldn't flinch. Seriously. Characters with this quality really don't know how to fear. Whether or not that's a good thing is another story. With this quality, you are immune to fear checks.
Cost: 3

Night Sight

You can see particularly well at night. Useful for doing anything in dim light, really. This does not extend to fighting blind, of course.
Cost: 2

Photographic Memory

You remember everything. Seriously. Everything you've ever seen, heard, or smelled. This gives you a bonus to learning specific skills equal to your intelligence level if you can read.
Cost: 4


Not only are you a master of many languages, you are able to quickly learn a language, too. Characters with this quality start with a number of languages equal to their Intelligence and learn at double the rate.
Cost: 2

Precision Fighter

Whether you were taught well or you saw some action that's attuned you to the way men use shields, you are able to find weak points most do not. You bypass shields completely with melee weapons.
Cost: 4


You are recognized by society for having a higher status than the norm. Even away from civilization, there exists a hierarchy. However, this quality denotes formal rank.
Rank Cost
Freedman/Peregrini; File Soldier 0
Roman Citizen; Decanus/Decurio1 1
Promagistrate; Tesserarius2 2
Quaestor; Optio3 3
Censor; Centurion4 4
Nobile; Primi Ordines5 5
Aedile; Primus Pilus6 6
Tribune; Camp Prefect7 7
Patrician; flamines minores; Broad Band Tribune8 8
Senator; flamines maiores; Legion Legate9 9
Praetor; Pontifex; Imperial Legate10 10


As the Fates have it, your character is way more hardy than most when it comes to certain things. Typically, the number of levels equate to a bonus applied to any rolls which involve resisting whatever you're immune to. Examples are pain, toxins, cold, fire, divine, etc.
Cost: 1/level


Wealth matters. If you have none, you won't have what it takes to wage a war or save the world from the next monstrosity.
Wealth Description Cost
Citizen You're fine. 1
Landowner You're comfortable. 2
Rich You don't want for anything. 3
Equites You're truly wealthy. 4
Senatorial You own plenty of land and people. You're probably highly ranked, too. 8

Restful Sleeper

You sleep well. Exceptionally well, no matter the situation. As long as you manage a full night's sleep, you heal at double the normal rate.
Cost: 1

Situational Awareness

Mars and Mercury working in concert would have a hard time setting up an ambush for you. Okay, maybe not, but you're gifted when it comes to sniffing out stealthy danger, anyway. You get a +3 to sense danger and you get to defend against surprise attacks with a -2.
Cost: 2

Wondrous Philosopher

Through sheer genius, you can create machinery and items of far greater quality and ability than those issued by the Roman government. Whereas a sword made by Roman craftsmen would be solid and trusty, a sword made through wondrous craft would deal more damage, be capable of greater feats, and sing through the air at greater speeds and with pure accuracy. Wondermaking can create powerful weapons, tonics, machinery, explosives, or other feats of engineering and enhancement.

The first merely allows you to make anachronistic (such as hand and a half swords, brigandine armor, trebuchets, reinforced longbows, and so forth) weapons - dating up to the 15th century. The higher your success levels in designing the item, the further from your era the item can be. Roughly 1 Success level for every two centuries.

Each level invested after that allows you to create truly wondrous items of the equivalent Power Level and works much like the Enchanted Item quality - check item creation for what a power level of an item might be. You merely need to roll an Intelligence/Philosophy to design the item and a Dexterity or Intelligence/Craft or Willpower/Craft to make it.
Cost: 2; 5/Level after that