Skills are essential to every character and represent the capacity the hero has with a broad set of related tasks. The general average rating in a practiced skill is 2, professional are usually at a 4, while anything higher than 7 indicates masterful level.


How well you sculpt, paint, create music, etc. This covers any primarily creative skill.


The deep secrets of Theurges, Augurs, and the things that lurk below the knowledge of philosophers. Used in ritual, spell, and curse alike.


Ah, the realm of Sagittarius. This covers use of a weapon at range. It can be applied to all thrown weapons in conjunction with Praelium.


Determines how well you put your hands to use- there is some overlap with Art.


Crime is your general stealth, drawlatch, ambushing, and thievery skill. As Euripedes says, the night is for thieves.


This determines your acrobatic ability to jump, contort, climb, balance, and a myriad of other feats. It also covers stealth and sleight of hand. In addition, you can use it to get out of the way.


This determines just how smooth your tongue is. Used to interact with other people.


This determines what kind and how much facts you've gathered in your lifetime. This includes religion and the supernatural. A generally useful skill.


Each level of this skill signifies an extra language in addition to your own - most speak Latin, but Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Gallic, Aramaic, Coptic and Berber are common enough, too. Most educated


Covers any combat that involves use of a weapon at short range. From spears to swords, in a lot of ways, this determines how you'll kill. You can dodge with this skill.


Covering everything from basic first aid up to full-on surgery, this is the skill that gets used for putting people back together again, healing, and diagnosing illness. It also covers herbology and poisons.


Usually paired with Perception, notice is used for, well, noticing things.


This covers all hand to hand combat.


Determines your ability to observe the world around you and apply that knowledge to your benefit. When paired with Crafting, it can lead to the creation of wondrous things.


Your skill on a horse, ox, cart, chariot, or whatever animal there is that you can use to assist you in travelling from Point A to B. You do require at least 1 level in this skill to use an animal in this manner.


You know what this is. Hunting, tracking, swimming. Banging sheep like a Welshman.