Spell Creation

Magic just might be a living thing, considering how precocious it can be. Old spells might not always cut it, and you might need to research a new one that fits your current needs more closely. Each spell is at least Power Level I to cast, and the rest is determining exactly what Power Level the newly researched spell is.

Persons Influenced

1 +1 PL
2-10 +2 PL
Up to 100 +3 PL
A village +4 PL
A town +5 PL
Rome +6 PL
The Continent +7 PL

Effect Strength

This determines, eh, how powerful the spell is. The intensity of the effects it's produces.

Minor: it doesn't really do much to the victim. It might cause minute irritation or illusions, but it will not significantly hurt or heal someone. Examples: Summoning magical candle light, or causing someone's hair to turn grey. It doesn't add to the cost of the spell.

Magical: This spell can hurt people, cause larger illusions, and break smaller objects. This does not cover any kind of transmutation, just the ability to hurt or heal. Examples: damage equal to cast's willpower for every SL after 11, extinguishing fire, destroying all the vases in a room. +2 Power Levels.

Astonishing: This spell can alter passions, affect senses, injure people and even sculpt matter. Creatures can be summoned at this level. Examples: 2xWILLPOWER damage per Success Level after 2, destroying metal or brick, giving someone really realistic hallucinations, summoning a demon, turning someone blind, a minor love spell. +3 Power Levels.

Awesome: This can literally transform people into something else. Destruction is heightened, as is healing. True transmutation happens at this level. Examples: 3xWILLPOWER damage per Success Level, summon a Little Bad, turning metal into sand or the air into a wall. Lead into gold. +4 Power Levels.

Biblical: Play with people's souls, forces of nature, create an invisible tower, and other wondrous works. Examples: Switching souls. Resurrection. Summoning Typhoeus. +5 Power Levels.

Effect Strength

Instant +0 PL
1 turn/SL +1 PL
1 minute/SL +2 PL
1 hour/SL +3 PL
1 day/SL +4 PL
Permanent +5 PL

Spell Requirements

Requirements COST
Household herbs, spices, etc. +0 PL
Lengthy Ritual- 1 hour to several hours, even for Sortiari -1 PL
Rare animal sacrifice, herbs, human sacrifice, etc. -2 PL
Extremely rare…one of a kind beast sacrifice, a 500 year old tomato, etc. -3 PL
Requires very specific conditions. Winter Solstice in a specific fountain in Gaul, etc. -4 PL
A chance to cast it only happens once in years. A solar eclipse, or it might need you to sacrifice Pluto…you only get one shot -5 PL