Portrayed By: Oliver Reed
Status: Alive
Age: 58
Role: Merchant
Theme Song: Hurt by Johnny Cash
Land: Rome; Syria
Worships: Fide

Spitamaneh is a well-known businessman and Magister of the Collegia Aenus, a member of Septevirate.


Once a slave from Syria, Spitamaneh is now as Roman as Caesar. Originally trained as a pedagogue, he earned his way out of slavery when his first student decided he liked him so much he'd set him free as soon as he could. By (apparent) luck, his employer perished, and the student became the head of the family. Spitamaneh was freed. He continued teaching, but began to build a reputation for himself at the Hippodrome as a gambler. Many of his critics would later say he fixed the games he won, and Spitamaneh, while denying that fact, never ceases to display a knowing smile when anyone mentions the Hippodrome. He built a network in those days of fellow ex-slaves, peregrini (immigrants), and plebes with one expressed purpose: bring in the coin.

A skilled mathematician, he put his knowledge to work to fixing all manner of sports, from his beginnings in the Hippodrome to the splendor of the gladiatorial games. He arranged for gladiators who secretly worked for him to be freed- and when they joined his rackets, the group evolved into the Collegia it is today. Their competition was chiefly thugs draw along ethnic and political lines. Every politician had his own little Collegia, after all, and every major minority had several criminal Collegium. Spitamaneh didn't give a shit about all that. He just wanted to make money. He brought the gladiators in as muscle, and slowly gained the trust of the younger members of various Collegium. They agreed, in secret, that when they came to power they'd focus solely on making crime a business, instead of the political bludgeon and collection of thugs it was at the time.

Over the years, Spitamaneh and his colleagues made it happen. They inched out the political Collegium, as well as the violent Syriac Collegia, the Jewish Collegia, and the Gallic Collegia. As the old died naturally or were strangled in their sleep, they brought forth a new era in the underworld. Built on the alliance of Seven Collegium, they prospered. The Septevirate stuck mostly to gambling, prostitution, and that most profitable of illegal businesses: magic. It was the one thing that brought them all together. Though most of the Magisters were not talented users themselves, they knew how to recognize true talent and gave them a way to practice it in safety, for a profit.

The fortunes of the Septevirate have steadily risen over the years, despite some minor attempts by the Vigiles, Urban Cohort, and Senators to eradicate them. With it, so, too, has the name Vir Ascendit Oppidum - the name that Spitamaneh is known by in the criminal underworld.

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Much like someone's amiable, scarily canny grandpa.


LP: 28
DP: 5
XP: 0
Fame: 35

  • Strength: 2
  • Dexterity: 2
  • Constitution: 2
  • Intelligence: 5 (6)
  • Perception: 4
  • Willpower: 6

Useful Information

Initiative: +3
Perception Check: +11


Dodge +4 - -
Melee Weapon +2 6 Slash/Stab