Success Levels

These govern how successful your roll is! Of course, after they become successful and are paired or pitted against another rolls (like in combat) the Levels mean less and you're basically just trying to beat the other roll.

Total Roll Success Levels Description
1-2 -4 Epic Failure
3-4 -3 Failure
5-6 -2 Failure
7-8 -1 Failure
9-10 1 Adequate
11-12 2 Competent
13-14 3 Decent
15-16 4 Good
17-20 5 Very Good
21-24 6 Excellent
25-28 7 Extraordinary
29-32 8 Mind-Boggling
33-36 9 Outrageous
37-40 10 Superheroic
41-44 12 God-Like
45-49 13 Divine
50+ 14 Stephen-ian


Rolls also give players a chance to fill in details of the scene that a GM might've missed. Consider this a narrative measure of success, on top of the yes/no nature of the regular roll.

An Impediment is any narrative occurrence that results in an additional obstacle for the character. Alice plays Felix, a wily trader and Legionnaire who's trying to negotiate with a merchant for some supplies. Not only does Alice fail the roll, but Felix gets an impediment, too. 'Felix fails to convince the merchant, and the merchant is so disgusted with a lewd joke Felix made that he refuses to deal with him at all.'

A Shame occurs when a character does something that results in an impediment for himself and one other player character. Bob plays Titus, a scrappy undercover Legionnaire infiltrating a Gallic tribe. He's challenged to a friendly bout of fisticuffs by one of the Gauls. Titus succeeds a Dodge roll, but he gets a Shame. Bob has to decide what Titus' impediment is. He comes up with 'Titus manages to dodge well, but the way he moves reveals his Roman training. One of the onlookers rushes off to report this to their head warrior, who's trading with Felix'- the other Legionnaire scout and player character.

A Benefit confers something that will smooth the way for a character. Bob rolls a Dexterity/Machia/-2 for Titus, to avoid being Disarmed by a centaur. Titus fails the roll, but gains a Benefit. Bob says, 'The centaur tears the spear out of my hands, but I stumble backwards into a copse that's too dense for him to easily follow me into.'

A Glory results in a benefit for the character and the rest of the party. Felix succeeds in his attempt to pick the lock to the temple safe. Alice says 'Felix manages to pick the lock just in time, and when she opens the door, the guards within are asleep.'

Raw Roll Effect
1 Shame
2 Impediment
3 - 8 -
9 Benefit
10 Glory