Supernatural Qualities

Divine Blood

The ichor of the Gods run in your veins. This means that your father probably wasn't really your father. Or your mother. Maybe you were an orphan. Whatever the case, you have the potential to be a demigod. You probably don't know this yet, and have even less of an idea of what God it was that sired you. Your abilities will probably manifest as time goes by.
Cost: 12

Dual Fighting

You can interchange your spells and your physical attacks at will, using either your DEX score or your WIL score to determine your number of actions per turn, and unlike the rest of the world, you can slash your sword one second and instantly cast a fireball the next.
Cost: 4


You can cause a spell or magical effect to be placed on a weapon or piece of armor. Or a trinket. This means you can create mystical weapons and armor. Or mystical anything. To do this, roll an Intelligence/Arcana to research the item you wish to create you must get a number of Success Levels equal to the Power Level of the item you wish to make. You must have a mundane version of the item to enchant. Roll Willpower/Arcana and add you levels of Enchanter to create the specific mystical runes needed to go onto the object and instill it with magic. You will have then etched them onto the object you wish to enhance.

You may enhance Attributes, Skills, Damage type, or other calculable game statistics. You can figure out the cost of the effect and it's Power Level by determining what it would be on the item creation chart. You must have half the level of Enchanter to make an object of that power (So if Cole makes a PL 2 Bow, he can add WILLxSL base damage each successful hit with an arrow fired from it.)

You can make any number of enchanted items, though continual use has a way of draining the soul. Each level of the quality purchased represents a Power Level, so having 10 points invested in Enchantment would allow you to enchant an item at Power Level 2, and so forth.

Cost: 5/Level

Good Thread

The skeins of fate often run in your favour. Whether or not you acknowledge them, you are often lucky. For every level of this quality, you have 1 point to add to a roll (even after the roll) per combat session.
Cost: 1-20

Increased Life Points

You are supernaturally durable. You gain 20 Life Points per level you buy. This is generally bought after CharGen, as 3 XP for 20 LP is a great deal.
Cost: 1/Level


This quality doesn't grant you power over the dead, but you definitely see dead people. You see everyone in the spirit world, and what's more, you can talk to them. There are many priests and druids who possess this ability, just as there are many who are full of nothing but bull shit. Spirits that know you can hear and see them have a tendency to follow you around. Living company is hard to find, after all.
Cost: 2

Nymph Blood

Your mother was a nymph. While you may not have received her ethereal attractiveness, you have, through some odd tick of interspecies combination, a body that repairs itself more quickly than most. The first level regenerates CON/Hour. The second regenerates CON/Minute. The third regenerates CON/Turn.
Cost: 3, 5, or 8.


You see the future. Whether it's in dreams or in a series of epiphanies, you often catch glimpses into what will happen. As a drawback, these visions give you intense migraines and gradually lead toward mental instability.
Cost: 2/-2

Resistance (Mystical)

There are some philosophers who theorize that people like you will become more common one day, weakening the magic in the world. For whatever reason, you nullify mystical effects. Each level in this quality adds to rolls to resist magical effects or bestows penalties upon magic users near you. Invisible people are easier for you to perceive, as is anyone using magic. This includes beneficial mystical effects, too, and naturally, you can't use magic.
Cost: 1/level


You have an affinity with the world at large that allows you to see things through the eyes of flora and inanimate objects, such as a hatchet, a knife, or even a slipper. Many Seers attach their own rituals to their ability, such as rune throwing, bird watching, or looking at the innards of a goat in order to disguise their true methods. To use it, roll a Perception/Notice while touching an object.
1 Feel the strongest passions involved with the item in the last day.
2 Impression can go back up to a week. Reveals if an item is enchanted or supernatural.
3-4 Impressions go back up to a month. Can detect owners of items if they felt attachment to it.
5 Pretty much everything in the last year. The impression can leave you catatonic for hours.
6- You know everything involving the object. You could become a vegetable for awhile.

Cost: 4

The Sight

You see things as they are. This covers magic, disguised magical beings, enchanted items, and even gods on earth. It does not let you see the dead.
Cost: 3


A combination of knowledge, audacity, blood, and fate has made you a sorcerer - or sorceress - of great talent. Wielding potent magical abilities, it is likely you are not a mere mortal. Unlikely, but possible. This allows you to quick cast spells. Levels do not add to a spellcasting roll. It does add one spell to a sorcerer's grimoire per level, though.
Cost: 1/Level (Each level is needed to cast corresponding spells of that Power Level)