The Mission

In 48 BCE, Caesar seized power in Rome through violent civil war, deposing his former allies. While he gained glory through battle, a small group of five warriors were recruited into the Zero Legion - Rome's secret weapon, and the reason for its success. As the civil war raged, the Zero Legion was sent as scouts to secure passage to the rebellions within lands Rome sought to heel - Britannia, Germania, and Gaul.

Caesar grew strong in his conquests, and over the years acquired power and influence enough to return to Rome a hero. Most of his tactical glory was won behind the scenes by the Zero Legion, the mystical special forces of the Roman Empire, which Caesar was aware of but unaffiliated with. Unfortunately for our heroes, the Zero Legion's stock is in secrecy, and they could not claim the fame they deserved after disbanding numerous enemies of Rome through precision raids and attacks on magical strongholds.

Over the next fifteen years, Zero Legion's first true leaders emerged: A former slave of unparalleled martial skill, the lusty and flame-headed Alexis Korinna. Her half-brother, the foreigner John of Alsbrook, a Briton of supernatural strength and skill joined by his faithful companion, the dread wolf Timberton. An Utican woman born of a tragic past, who worked her way through the Legions and shows immense precision in dealing death - Sadeh Salario. A being more rage than flesh and blood, possessed by his violent vices and dangerous delights, the scrapper of the Picenum Varius Varro. And their friend with his head ever in the clouds, Coliminus Qwerty, as at home on the field of battle as he is in the halls of the Senate of Rome.

These five warriors led the Zero Legion for a full generation. They rose in the ranks of Rome's elite, secret military composed of supernatural mongrels, mystics, and outright monsters, bringing Rome's might to new heights of power before and during the time of Caesar's reign. They count themselves among the strongest force in the known world, and though the Zero Legion's power is unknown to most, Rome herself relies on you to keep her strong.

Come 33 B.C.E. - the time Caesar's heir, Augustus, begins his rise to power - the five leaders of Zero Legion have amassed immeasurable power and influence. Now, as Rome is perched precariously over a steep fall into tyranny, the supernatural forces comes calling for Rome.

Zero Legion explored and conquered the known world, bringing all of the continent of Asia to heel. Over 50 years has passed since Sadeh - Goddes of War, Varius - God of Frenzy, Alexis - Lady of the Arena, Cole - God of Magic, and John - the once and future god-king of England joined the Zero Legion. They have become the only gods of Rome, subsuming hundreds to be the leaders of Rome both on Earth, and in the realms beyond.