Portrayed By: Santiago Cabrera
Status: Alive
Age: 27
Role: Champion of Brittania
Theme Song: When the Winter Comes by Adam WarRock
Land: Londinium
Worships: Wotan

Divitiacos is a recently-crowned King, threatening to retake control of Britannia from Roma.

A virtual unknown to the people of Rome, Uth is thought to be a demigod amongst his own people.


The baby was found far to the south, by a blacksmith named Moltornth.

Beyond that, no one knows. Whispers, to those who wish to investigate, are always about.


By all accounts he is a man of great things. Great skill, great loves, great force.

Rumors say he is more than a man, and his wrath, though hard to earn, is justifiable divine will.


LP: Unknown
DP: Enough
XP: Invalid
Fame: 80 - He's one of the most well-known warriors in the world.

  • Strength: Calculated
  • Dexterity: Fearsome
  • Constitution: Legendary
  • Intelligence: Unremarkable
  • Perception: Keen
  • Willpower: Limited

Useful Information

Initiative: +12
Perception Check: +16