Varius Varro
Varius Varro
Portrayed By: Micky T
Status: Alive
Age: 34
Role: Legionnaire
Theme Song: Hennessy and Moonshine by T.O.N.E-z
Land: Some Backwater Village
Worships: All of them

One time recruiter, activist, and general thorn in his family's side, Varius Varro beat the odds to become the man he is today. Originally a professional pankratist, he was once paid to recruit for the legions. When his fourth prospective recruit thought to ask him how his experience in the Legions was, he promptly signed up himself. He is now a proud Decanus of the Third Legion.


Along the Picenum sat a humble village, far enough from the intrigues of Rome but close enough to it's protection. Varius was born there, to a once-Scythian peregrini father and a plebeian mother. This didn't do anything good for their reputation. Still, they made do with what they had. There was a rumor that his real father was a Carthaginian and that his elder brother was sold as a slave, but Varius put an end to that the moment he figured out how to use momentum.

His father died three weeks before he was born in an accident involving someone's carthorse. His mother traveled to a well-to-do Uncle's farm in a neighboring village. He received sporadic education from a local self-proclaimed 'scholar', but his learning never stuck well, beyond what he heard. As a child, he worked as a saddlemaker's assistant for a time. The first children to insult him learned of his fists and temper quickly.

When he was thirteen, both he and his older brother became messengers in the eastern wars, following an older cousin who was a legionnaire. They were captured as slaves and later released when they both came down with malaria. His brother was lucky enough to be picked up by their cousin, but there was only room for one on the horse. Varius, delirious with fever, walked 45 miles without shoes or an overcoat. Varius' brother died two days later. He survived.

As Varius grew older, he often engaged in games of dice, plebeian orgies, and wrestling. Eventually, he realized he was so good at pankration that he settled on it as a career. As a prizefighter, he rose quickly to popularity. While he was not as flashy or strong as some of the other pankratists, Varius had the simple benefit of a ridiculous angry face. That angry face won him many fans. He tried to organize his fellow plebes into running for office in small, local positions, but his lack of denarii and social status got the better of him. Bitter, he jumped at the chance of steady salary when a local Centurion hired him as a recruiter. Always priding himself in his honor, Varius ended up joining the legions when a prospective recruit asked him why he hadn't joined.

His ability as a pankratist did not transfer well as a heavy infrantryman, but veterans belonging to Legio III were always on the lookout for a ringer. Accordingly, they got him transferred to the Third. There, he found uses for his special set of skills. It was around this time that he found a wife, Auctiona, an older freed woman who, in truth, was married to another man. Varro was prone to jealous fits of rage, and at some point Auctiona and her husband separated. According to Varius, they married then, though there was never an official wedding.

The controversy surrounding their marriage was a sore point for Varius, and he would fly into a rage to defend her honor the moment anyone said anything untoward about them. His anger and participation in violent attacks led to his reputation as a quarrelsome and vengeful man. Eventually, he was whipped for causing too many altercations. It was to everyone's relief when his wife died of a heart attack. It didn't change his nature, though, he just found other reasons to break arms.

Eventually, his propensity for irregular warfare did earn him a position as a Decanus, with ten soldiers under him. He commands with an iron fist, and his loyalty to the Third has granted him the chance to go to Rome with his men. What for is anyone's guess.


Temperamental, forceful, and as blunt as a hammer, Varius Varro will never hesitate to tell you what's on his mind. Or worse: show you.


LP: 282/282 | Bear 327/327 | Coyote 212/294 | Lizard 294/294 | Badger 243/303 | Puma 300/300 | Otter 180/300| Weasel 290/290 | Mouse 290/290 | Raccoon 290/290 | Snake 306/306 | Wolf 297/297 |
DP: 13
XP: 52
Fame: 60

  • Strength: 6 [10]
  • Dexterity: 4 [6] (9)
  • Constitution: 4 [6] (7)
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Perception: 7
  • Willpower: 4 [6]

Useful Information

Initiative: +10
Perception Check: +13

Has a golden denarius. Animal Man gauntlets. Bubbles, +1 Dex, 2 CON, STR x 8 dmg. Ptulo scene, natow freedom.

A light, super-durable scale armor made from the combined hardened scales of a hydra and a mature storm wyrm, and various mythological creature hides you've harvested over nearly 50 years of service to Rome.
- Worth 150 Armor

Grimoire: Bung Drop, Magic Missile, What Was That?


Dodge +16 - -
Punch +16 48 -
Knockout Punch +13 6 -
Disarm +12 - -
Melee Weapon +10 30 -
Grapple 19 - -
Break Neck 14 50 -
Choke 14 5 -3 to all rolls
Head Butt 14 10 10 to self
Toss 10 5 -
Wrestling Hold 12 - -1 per SL
Wall Smash 13 15 -